Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beyrouth, 6db Underground - Portraits

So Its been awhile... lets just say I was distracted.

A few months ago I was invited by friends to see a 45 minute documentary about the Underground music scene in Beirut. It was screened in conjunction with a photography exhibition by Tanya Traboulsi. The exhibition entitled "Music is Life- Lebanese Sound Stills" provided an intimate view into the different musicians currently involved in the music scene.

The documenary.. or as the co director calls it.. portraits.. is called Beyrouth, 6db Underground. Im still not sure about the title. Beyrouth 6db Underground. I guess it is supposed to give location, theme and Im assuming the underground part references war?
The Basement, a popular club in Beirut had a slogan during the war in 06.. Basement - Its Safer Underground.. but I digress.

I am going to preface this entire rant by saying this 45 minute piece is considered a work in progress. It is a long teaser to get you excited for what is to be a full length documentary.