Monday, October 27, 2008

Adult Comics - Samandal style

The Salamander is an amphibian that exists on land and water. It is the only animal among vertebrates that is capable of regenerating lost limbs. Like its namesake Samandal Comic Magazine aims to create a space where illustrators, artists, musicians, writers and performers are encouraged to experiment with language and image. The contents of the magazine are adaptable, fluid and flexible to match the individual styles of its contributers.

The brain child of 5 talented illustrators, artists, and writers The FDZ, Hatem Imam, Omar Khouri, Lena Merhej, Tarek Nabaa all based in Lebanon, Samandal is a tri-lingual quarterly comic magazine that highlights not only local but international talent as well. The fruit of their work remains underground, but continues to gain support from readers and critics a like.

Officially launched last March, the Samandal team takes an innovative approach to adult comics and picture stories produced in the Arab world. About to launch its 3rd issue, Samandal is gaining ever more popularity. It offers its readers a variety of different genres of comics in French, English and Arabic.

Contributing to Issue 0 of Samandal are Elyse Tabet, Omar Khouri, The FDZ, Hatem Imam, Mazen Kerbaj, Fouad Mezher, Lena Merhej, Farah Nehme, Barrack Rima, Isabelle Boinot and Andy Warner.

Currently Samandal is available for purchase in Lebanon, London, Berlin, Paris Dubai, Cairo and New York City at Forbidden Planet . Previous issues may also be downloaded from the website allowing for a wider readership.

Lena Merhej

Hatem Imam (below)

We look forward to seeing more from Samandal.


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