Friday, July 25, 2008

A1one in the LES

A1one @ Abrons Arts Center

Visual Slang 2008: The Modern Imagination from Tehran to Tel Aviv is a group exhibition highlighting street art from some of the world's largest urban centers notably Tehran with the artist A1one and Tel Aviv with Ame 72, Know Hope, Klone, 0 cents and Smiling Bag Productions. Other artists include:C215,Cekis,Lorenzo Gomez, Adi Mahalu,Noa Mahalu,Mateo, Kenji Nakayama, Onesto, Johan Potma, Julio Rolle, and Stinkfish. From NYC there are Cern, Cope2,Chris Cortes, Indie184,Meres, Spaze Crafte One and Zito.

A1one is considered one of the Islamic World's leading graffiti artists currently working in Tehran. Included in the LES exhibition are 8 of his original pieces that push people to think, react and question. Iconic images from the Golden Arches logo to the infamous cloaked Iraqi prisoner from Abu Ghraib, a sort of macabre logo for the US led war in Iraq are stenciled on arabesque patterns. In many of his pieces Farsi and Iranian typography are incorporated. His pieces are eye-catching both for the choice of subject matter and the vibrant colors he uses.

An interview with A1one can be read at Rebel Without a Crew: Street Artist A1one in Tehran by Hrag Vartanian for the Zine at

While the exhibition is a unique opportunity to see A1one's pieces for the first in the US, it would have been great to include other artists working in cities in the Middle East such as Arofish , 3dom or the REK Crew in Beirut.

The exhibition is curated by Lois Stavsky and is at the Henry Street Settlement/Abrons Arts Center from the 17th of July to the 31st of August.

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Lois Stavsky said...

Thanks for this post. As the curator, I would have loved to include other Middle-Eastern street artists -- other than A1one and the guys I know from Tel Aviv. In fact, I would love to curate an exhibit of Middle-Eastern street art. If you could connect me to any of the artists you mention,I'd appreciate it. You can email me @ or reach me @ 917-562-8468. Thank you -- Lois