Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wael Noureddine's Latest Project

Art and Blow is looking forward to the planned October 2008 release of Wael Noureddine's latest project A Film Far Beyond a God. This is an experimental documentary shot in Yemen last year and will be made available at Lowave.

In the mean time check out:

July Trip (2006)
Wael Noureddine: "When this last war broke out, I was faraway in my house in Paris. I had but one idea: to return to Beirut as quickly as possible and to begin shooting a film, for historical moments were taking place. This film became indispensible: to film so that history would cease repeating itself and to build up a picture library for future generations. I never understood why so few films were made during the Lebanese Civil War. Apart from the odd film, nothing remains from that time. The war surely merited more attention".

Ca sera beau (from Beyrouth with Love)
Wael Noureddine: “Beirut, or any city at war with itself. Here, no conflict is ever resolved, no wall is repaired. Detonations have a better echo in a city riddled with holes. One can choose between the army and religion, or, instead, between religion and the army. A dose of heroin costs five dollars. I visit a few of my acquaintances and send back some postcards.”

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