Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8.8.8 event- xanadu*

xanadu* is no stranger to organizing music performances accompaning visual arts exhibitions. This time, however, it was the music that was given the spotlight during their most recent event, 8.8.8. Held Friday night the 8th of August the evening was a festival dedicated to Lebanese experimental music and visual arts. Co-organized by Ramzi Hibri and Zena el -Khalil, the evening brought together a long list of innovative and emerging experimental musicians, poets and artists giving performances "al fresco" in the warm Beirut summer night.The garden of an abandoned house near the Goethe Institute provided a unique performance space, where contemporary sounds harmonized with an illustrious past.

Included in the evening's program were performances by Tarek Atoui, Fadi Bitar, Critically Acclaimed Monkeys, Marc Ernst, The Incompetents, Lana Maclver, Walid Mohanna, The Troglodytes, Youmna Saba, and the Passive Standouts.

Readings wre done by Ritta Baddoura and Mazen Zahreddine,

and visuals by glitterpill, Rachel Tabet, Rami Sabbagh, and Samandal magazine artists.

xanadu* continues to organize events to promote emerging artists from all backgrounds so that they may continue to grow, evolve and experiment in order to continue perfecting their talents.

Les incompetents

Tarek Atoui

Rita Baddoura

Mazen Zahreddine

and a stop motion piece by William Choukeir, Elias Mbarak& Davic

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