Saturday, August 2, 2008

Minute 22 ---- August 22nd

With 20 more days to go until Minute 22...

The concept is simple, on the 22nd of August document through photography what people are doing at a designated moment. Everyone with a camera(cell phone, compact, point & shoot,DSLR,etc.) in the Arab world is invited to participate by simply taking a picture at the exact same moment 2:22 pm Lebanon local time.

Why the number 22? Well, the number is symbolic because there are 22 countries in the League of Arab States. If you live in any of these 22 countries, you can be a part of this project at the following local times:

Egypt - 2:22pm
Iraq - 2:22pm
Jordan - 2:22pm
Lebanon - 2:22pm
Saudi Arabia - 2:22pm
Syria - 2:22pm
Yemen - 2:22pm
Libya - 1:22pm
Sudan - 2:22pm
Morocco - 12:22pm
Tunisia - 1:22pm
Kuwait - 2:22pm
Algeria - 12:22pm
UAE - 3:22pm
Bahrain - 2:22pm
Qatar - 2:22pm
Oman - 3:22pm
Mauritania - 11:22am
Somalia - 2:22pm
Palestine - 2:22pm
Djibouti - 2:22pm
Comoros - 2:22pm

The pictures will be published in a special edition of Sowar Magazine, a journalistic and documentary photography magazine based in Lebanon. The pictures will also be posted online.

For more information there is a facebook group called Minute 22... join and check it out!

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