Friday, November 14, 2008

Emily Jacir - Hugo Boss Prize 2008

Installation view of Material for a Film (2005 to present) Venice Biennale 2007

Emily Jacir has won this year's Hugo Boss Prize. The $100,000 award, established in 1996 by the Guggenheim Museum and named for the German men's wear company that sponsors it, is given every two years for significant achievement in contemporary art.

Jacir was given the award for her work that ``bears witness to a culture torn by war and displacement,'' the prize's jury said, in a statement. ``Emily is a visionary,'' Hugo Boss spokesman Philipp Wolff said in an interview yesterday evening, after the announcement. ``What's so special about her is that her work is subtle and embracing at the same time.''

In a recent interview Emily mentioned that so many foreigner "experts" feel they can speak on behalf of Palestinians. Who better to explain what she sees, hears and feels in her own words.

Congratulations Emily!

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