Monday, November 10, 2008

Jean Marc Nahas - Douces Violences 2005-2008

The work of Jean Marc Nahas is striking and perhaps somewhat abrasive. In his brush strokes there is determination. His signature strong, thick lines can be mistaken for rapid, even reckless haphazardness. Yet upon a further inspection his images feel as if they have been part of an on going visual improvisational piece. There is constant feeling of movement and evolution. He is able to capture a moment, a pause, a break in the daily routine before the subject continues to the next.

Nahas captures the briefness of a moment, the quickness of a single movement. The strength of his work lies in his ability to analysis the overall form of the body and what can be expressed through the simple brush stroke. Strong line is able to convey emotion and form. Of that, Jean Marc Nahas is master.

In his stroke there is an element of sadness, melancholy or solitude. We feel pain in his figures. Their inner struggles are made evident through the artist's brush. His use of color is equally as direct as his use of line. Bold reds, blues and yellows serve as a strong contrast to his use of blacks and grays. Nahas speaks with minimal line and equally minimal color.

Catastrophe, a alrge scale installation, was originally set to take place at the UMAM in Beirut but due to the destruction of some of the roof of the building, the installation was actually exhibited at Zico House in the winter of 2006.

His most recent exhibition Douces Violences 2005-2008 is currently on view at the Gefinor Center in Beirut from October 17th to the 29th of November.

His work can also be seen from November 17th to the 21st at Artparis - AbuDhabi in the Young Talents exhibition curtesy of the Epreuve d'Artiste Gallery.


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